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Table Mobile Charging Station

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      Table Mobile Charging Station

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          At ENRG, we try our best to provide a wide range of top quality products to our customers. We also provide them an opportunity to customize these products to meet their requirement.
          • We offer 1 (One) years warranty from the date of supply and installation against all manufacturing defects (Any damage due to mishandling by the customer will not be covered under the warranty).
          • Easy Returns & Replacements.
          • Lifetime customer support.

          Certainly! Here are 20 frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to commercial displays:

          • What is a mobile charging station?

          A mobile charging station is a portable facility that provides power outlets or charging ports for charging electronic devices on-the-go.

          • How does a mobile charging station work?

          A mobile charging station works by connecting devices to power sources through charging cables or ports, replenishing their battery power.

          • What types of devices can be charged at a mobile charging station?

          Mobile charging stations can charge a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, smartwatches, and portable gaming devices.

          • What charging options are available at a mobile charging station?

          Mobile charging stations typically offer a variety of charging options, including USB ports, power outlets, and wireless charging capabilities for compatible devices.

          • How long does it take to charge a device at a mobile charging station?

          The charging time at a mobile charging station varies depending on the device and its battery capacity, typically ranging from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

          • Is it safe to charge my device at a mobile charging station?

          Yes, it is generally safe to charge your device at a mobile charging station as long as proper safety measures are in place, such as surge protection and secure connections.

          • Can I leave my device unattended while charging at a mobile charging station?

          It is generally advisable not to leave your device unattended while charging at a mobile charging station to minimize the risk of theft or damage.

          • How much does it cost to charge my device at a mobile charging station?

          The cost to charge your device at a mobile charging station can vary, depending on the charging station provider and their pricing model, ranging from free to a nominal fee.

          • Are there any restrictions on the type of devices that can be charged?

          Generally, mobile charging stations can accommodate a wide range of devices, but there may be restrictions or limitations depending on the specific charging station and its capabilities.

          • Can I charge multiple devices at the same time?

          Yes, in most cases, mobile charging stations provide multiple charging ports or outlets, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

          • Do I need to bring my own charging cable?

          It depends on the mobile charging station. Some may provide charging cables, while others may require you to bring your own.

          • What happens if I forget to pick up my device after it’s fully charged?

          The specific policy may vary, but typically, the device may be disconnected and made available for others to use.

          • Can I use a mobile charging station if my device has a protective case?

          Yes, in most cases, you can use a mobile charging station even if your device has a protective case, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the charging connection.

          • Are there any time limits for using a mobile charging station?

          Mobile charging stations may have time limits to ensure fair usage and accommodate other users, but specific limits can vary.

          • Are there any special considerations for charging certain types of devices, such as laptops or smartwatches?

          Yes, certain devices like laptops may require higher power output or specific charging connectors, so compatibility and power requirements should be considered.

          • Are the charging stations compatible with international power outlets?

          Some mobile charging stations may be compatible with international power outlets, but it depends on the specific charging station and its design.

          • What happens if there’s a power outage while my device is charging?

          In the event of a power outage, the charging process would be interrupted, and your device would stop charging until power is restored.

          • Are the charging stations equipped with fast-charging technology?

          Some mobile charging stations may be equipped with fast-charging technology, but it depends on the specific charging station and its features.

          • Can I use a mobile charging station if my device’s battery is completely drained?

          Yes, you can use a mobile charging station even if your device’s battery is completely drained. It will recharge your device.

          • Can I charge devices wirelessly at a mobile charging station?

          Yes, some mobile charging stations offer wireless charging capabilities, allowing you to charge compatible devices without the need for cables.

          These are just a few examples of frequently asked questions regarding mobile charging station. Depending on the specific model and brand, there may be additional queries that arise.

          Return, Refund & Cancellation

          • When does are the returns permissible and under what conditions?
          All products should be opened and checked for any defect or damage. Any such issue should be notified on the delivery challan and AWB/consignment copy. Any claim of transit damage will not be considered if not notified at the time of delivery itself.
          • Can I return a product found to be defective upon use after some time?
          If the product is within the warranty period please get in touch with our Customer Care representative with the Order ID & Invoice No. and images of the defective product. We will make all endeavours’ to repair or replace the product as per the warranty terms specified on this website.
          • How and when will I receive the refund?
          We will process your refund within seven (7) business days of receiving the returned product in its original packaging. All refunds will be issued through the same transaction mode (e.g. Credit Card or Net Banking) used in the original purchase.
          • CUSTOM ORDERS
          Most of our product is customized as per your specifications. Custom orders begin production immediately upon order and are built to your specifications. They cannot be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at any time.


          • Provide a variety of charging options: Ensure that your mobile charging station offers a range of charging cables and connectors to accommodate different types of devices, including iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and other popular devices.
          • Offer fast charging capabilities: Equip your charging stations with fast-charging technology, such as Quick Charge or USB Power Delivery, to provide efficient charging for users’ devices. This will help them get a quick boost even in limited charging time.
          • Provide secure and reliable charging: Make sure your charging station is equipped with surge protection and safeguards against overheating to protect users’ devices from potential damage. Additionally, ensure that the charging cables are in good condition and regularly check for any signs of wear or fraying.
          • Display clear instructions: Clearly display step-by-step instructions on how to use the charging station. Include information on plugging in devices, estimated charging times, and any other relevant details that users might need to know.
          • Keep the charging station clean and organized: Regularly clean the charging station and cables to maintain a hygienic and user-friendly environment. Ensure that cables are neatly organized and not tangled, making it easier for users to plug in their devices.
          • Offer sufficient power outlets: Ensure that your charging station has an adequate number of power outlets to accommodate multiple users simultaneously. This will prevent long queues and frustration among users waiting for their turn to charge their devices.


          • Don’t use low-quality or counterfeit charging cables: Avoid using cheap, low-quality charging cables that may not provide sufficient power or could potentially damage users’ devices. Use reputable and certified cables to ensure safe and reliable charging.
          • Don’t block access to power outlets: Keep the charging station area clear and easily accessible. Avoid placing any obstacles, furniture, or other items that could hinder users’ access to power outlets or create a safety hazard.
          • Don’t neglect security measures: Implement security features to prevent theft or unauthorized access to devices while they are charging. This can include using lockable compartments or installing surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the charging station.
          • Don’t overcrowd the charging station area: Ensure that there is enough space around the charging station for users to move freely and comfortably while plugging and unplugging their devices. Overcrowding can lead to accidents and frustration.
          • Don’t forget to provide seating or waiting areas: Consider providing seating or waiting areas near the charging station to allow users to rest or wait comfortably while their devices charge. This can enhance the overall user experience and convenience.
          • Don’t neglect maintenance and monitoring: Regularly inspect the charging station for any malfunctioning power outlets, damaged cables, or other issues. Address any maintenance needs promptly to ensure uninterrupted charging service for users. Additionally, monitor the charging station to prevent misuse or any potential safety hazards.

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