Delivery & Installation Across India | Up to 3 Years Product Warranty | 12,000+ Happy Customers | 600+ Projects Delivered | Product Lifetime Support

5,000+ Custom-made Products & Designs | Free Delivery & Installation Across India | Up to 3 Years Product Warranty | 12,000+ Happy Customers | 600+ Projects Delivered | Product Lifetime Support
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Digital Kiosks can enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, and streamline operations for your business. They offer a convenient and interactive way for customers to access information, make purchases, and complete transactions. 

Such kiosks can also be used to display advertisements and promotional material, increase brand awareness, and gather customer data for market research and analysis. They reduce labor costs and improve efficiency by automating routine tasks and reducing the need for human interaction.

Experience Effortless Interaction with Our High-Tech Digital Kiosk


Digital kiosks provide quick and easy access to information and services for users, without the need for human interaction.


Digital kiosks can automate and streamline processes, reducing wait times and
improving efficiency.

Improved User

Digital kiosks offer a modern and user-friendly interface that can enhance the user experience and provide a positive first impression of a company or organization.


Digital kiosks can be a cost-effective solution compared to the cost of hiring and training staff to perform the same tasks.

24/7 Availability

Digital kiosks can operate 24/7, providing continuous access to information and services for users.


Digital kiosks can be customized and branded to meet specific needs and
requirements, making them versatile solutions for various applications.

Digital Kiosk Product Categories

Digital Floor

A digital floor standee is a free-standing digital signage display commonly used in retail stores, events, and other public spaces.

K-Shaped Floor

A K-shaped floor standee is a double-sided digital signage display with a K-shaped design, commonly used for advertising and promotions.

Wall Mount Information Kiosk

A wall mount information kiosk is a self-service interactive digital kiosk that provides information, commonly installed in public spaces.

L-Shaped Table Advertising

An L-shaped table advertising is a promotional table with an L-shaped design that incorporates digital signage displays for advertising and branding purposes.

Digital Hanging

A digital hanging kiosk is a suspended digital signage display that provides information, advertising, and other content, commonly used in public spaces.

Table Top Double

A tabletop double-sided display is a small digital signage display designed for tabletop use that can showcase content on both sides.

Boost engagement with smart workspace solutions

Reduce labor costs and boost workspace efficiency

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    Digital kiosks are extremely useful for expediting navigation, communication, and exchange of information. Boost your digital presence and improve customer experience seamlessly. 

    • Equip public spaces to tackle the rush hour crowd with easy-to-use digital kiosks for navigation and purchases.
    • Allay the visitors’ stress by installing digital kiosks with simple interfaces to enable easy navigation and updates.
    • Create a time capsule for your school to allow prospective parents to take a walk through its history and milestones.
    • Amp up larger public events with state-of-the-art kiosks that double up as wayfinders and ticket booths.
    • Invite guests to a luxurious experience by digitizing your hotel and offering digital kiosks for bookings and queries.

    How we help you

    We develop digital kiosks are customized to your needs and requirements in terms of size, design, hardware, and function. We also have a support team on standby to help you through any roadblocks you may face while using our digital kiosks. 

    The expert professionals who work with us have served in the education industry for several years. Depending on your requirements, they engineer products with various functions like quick navigation, payment pathways, appointment scheduling  and more.

    Drive sales with engaging products

    Interactive and eye-catching solutions to deck up your smart workspace.Create brand awareness and improve customer experience with our digital kiosks. They can help by: 

    • Delivers high-quality user experience, answers common queries and guides viewers
    • Improves employee satisfaction by automating redundant tasks
    • Provides real-time communication updates to keep stakeholders in the loop
    digital kiosk

    Customize the way you want

    Get bespoke solutions aligned to your needs and requirements. Our team of design experts collaborate with you to develop products best suited to your business.

    Hardware: After an in-depth analysis, we zero in on the memory, battery, and CPU needed for each of your products

    Screen: Choose a size, brightness, and resolution — and we’ll create screens that meet your requirements

    Size: All our products are available in several sizes, from small to large, and attention-grabbing

    Design: We ensure each deliverable reflects your brand’s style and message

    System: Whether you prefer Windows, Android or Firmwork, our team will design the system architecture and interface just the way you want.

    Body sensor: For simple and easy occupancy monitoring and motion detection

    Types of Display Technology in Digital kiosk

    ENRG specializes in providing cutting-edge digital kiosks that leverage various display technologies to meet diverse needs. LED displays offer vibrant colors and high brightness levels, ideal for outdoor kiosks and high-traffic areas. LCD displays provide crisp visuals and flexible configurations, suitable for indoor interactive kiosks in retail and corporate environments. OLED displays deliver true blacks and wide viewing angles, perfect for premium indoor kiosks in luxury retail and entertainment venues. Projection displays offer versatility and scalability, enabling immersive experiences in museums, exhibitions, and public spaces. Whatever your application, ENRG’s digital kiosks utilize advanced display technologies to captivate audiences, enhance user experiences, and drive engagement.

    Digital kiosk Resolution

    ENRG understands the importance of resolution in digital kiosks to deliver crisp and captivating content. Our kiosks offer varying resolutions, including Full HD, 4K UHD, and even 8K, ensuring that every detail is displayed with precision and clarity. Higher resolutions result in sharper images, finer details, and improved readability, making them ideal for showcasing dynamic content and engaging audiences effectively. Whether it’s displaying advertisements, interactive maps, or product catalogs, ENRG’s digital kiosks with optimal resolutions provide immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression. Trust ENRG to deliver digital kiosk solutions that elevate your brand presence and engage customers with stunning visuals.

    Content Management for Digital kiosk

    ENRG offers comprehensive content management solutions tailored for digital kiosks, ensuring seamless control and efficient updates. Our intuitive management platform empowers businesses to schedule, organize, and customize multimedia content effortlessly. With user-friendly interfaces and robust features, ENRG enables dynamic content delivery, interactive experiences, and real-time updates. Whether it’s displaying promotions, wayfinding maps, or event schedules, our content management system ensures consistent branding and engaging customer experiences. Trust ENRG to provide reliable content management solutions that optimize engagement, drive customer satisfaction, and maximize the impact of your digital kiosks.

    Applications of Digital kiosk

    ENRG’s digital kiosks offer a multitude of applications across diverse industries, delivering immersive experiences and enhancing customer engagement. In retail settings, our kiosks serve as interactive product catalogs, virtual assistants, and self-checkout stations, streamlining the shopping experience and driving sales. In corporate environments, ENRG’s kiosks facilitate wayfinding, employee communication, and visitor registration, improving efficiency and connectivity. In hospitality, our kiosks provide self-service check-in/out, concierge services, and digital menus, enhancing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. Whether it’s enhancing customer service, providing information, or driving sales, ENRG’s digital kiosks offer versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust ENRG to deliver innovative kiosk solutions that elevate your brand presence and deliver exceptional experiences.

    Design Considerations for Digital kiosk

    ENRG prioritizes meticulous design considerations to ensure our digital kiosks deliver immersive and user-friendly experiences. From screen size and placement to ergonomic considerations and accessibility features, our kiosks are carefully crafted to engage users effectively. We focus on optimizing visibility, readability, and interaction, ensuring seamless navigation and engagement for all users. ENRG also considers environmental factors, such as lighting conditions and physical surroundings, to enhance kiosk performance in any setting. With our expertise in design considerations, ENRG creates digital kiosks that captivate audiences, elevate brand presence, and drive results. Trust ENRG to deliver innovative kiosk solutions that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression.

    Installation and Maintenance

    ENRG specializes in providing seamless installation and comprehensive maintenance services for digital kiosks, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Our expert technicians handle every aspect of the installation process, from site assessment to configuration and testing, guaranteeing a hassle-free deployment. Additionally, ENRG offers proactive maintenance solutions to keep kiosks running smoothly, including regular inspections, software updates, and prompt troubleshooting. With our dedicated support team available for any assistance, clients can rest assured that their digital kiosks are in good hands. Trust ENRG for professional installation and ongoing maintenance services that maximize the lifespan and effectiveness of your kiosk deployment.

    Benefit of Digital kiosk

    ENRG’s digital kiosks offer a myriad of benefits, revolutionizing customer engagement and streamlining operations across industries. By providing interactive touchpoints, our kiosks enhance customer experiences, driving satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, they serve as powerful marketing tools, delivering targeted promotions and increasing sales. In corporate settings, ENRG’s kiosks improve efficiency with self-service options for tasks like check-in, wayfinding, and employee communication. Furthermore, our kiosks collect valuable data insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and optimize strategies. With ENRG’s innovative digital kiosks, businesses can elevate their brand presence, enhance customer service, and drive growth in today’s competitive landscape. Trust ENRG to deliver cutting-edge kiosk solutions that unlock new possibilities and drive success.

    Choosing the Right Digital kiosk

    Choosing the right digital kiosk is paramount for creating immersive and effective interactive experiences. ENRG offers a diverse range of digital kiosks tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality. Our expert team guides clients through the selection process, considering factors such as location, intended use, and user interface requirements. Whether it’s a sleek indoor kiosk for retail environments or a robust outdoor kiosk for high-traffic areas, ENRG’s digital kiosks are designed to captivate audiences and drive engagement. Trust ENRG to provide innovative solutions that enhance brand presence, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

    Leverage automation to help customers

    Reduce labor costs and boost workspace efficiency


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