Delivery & Installation Across India | Up to 3 Years Product Warranty | 12,000+ Happy Customers | 600+ Projects Delivered | Product Lifetime Support

5,000+ Custom-made Products & Designs | Free Delivery & Installation Across India | Up to 3 Years Product Warranty | 12,000+ Happy Customers | 600+ Projects Delivered | Product Lifetime Support
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Transform Your Workspace with ENRG's Smart Solutions

As pioneers in the realm of Smart Solutions, we specialize in tailoring our offerings to transform mundane spaces into dynamic environments. Whether your aim is to elevate your marketing approach or boost employee engagement, our innovative products are designed to deliver unparalleled results.

Wokspace Smart Solutions: Product Categories

A range of products to suit all budgets

Commercial Displays

Impress your customers and stay ahead of the competition with our high-tech commercial display solutions.

Smart Education

Enhance your education with our cutting-edge smart solutions.

Video Brochure

Grab your customer's attention and make an unforgettable impression with our captivating video brochures.

Digital Photo Frame

Get ahead of the competition and leave a lasting impression on your customers with our visually stunning digital photo frames.

Digital Kiosk

Transform your business space into an interactive and innovative environment with our high-tech digital kiosks.

Smart TV

Upgrade your business operations and streamline your workflow with our versatile and user-friendly SMART TVs.

Mobile Charging Station

Increase productivity by reducing the amount of time employees spend looking for an outlet or waiting for their devices to charge.

Smart Furniture

Help your employees level up their productivity with ergonomic designs that promise comfort and class.

Customized to your business needs

Improve your company’s operational efficiency by redefining the workspace status quo. From hospitals to educational institutes, we provide Customized Smart Workspace solutions to match your industry requirements. They come with a lots of benefits:

  • Built to last
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Fast-charging and convenient
  • Easy to install

What can we do for you?

Get the most out of your smart workspace revamp with efficient and quick service. We go the extra mile to create a real impact on operational efficiency and maximize ROI. This helps you:

Industries We Serve

Educational Institutions

Kickstart an educational revolution with new-and-improved classrooms. Add audio-visuals, touchscreens, and digital notice-boards for an interactive student experience.

Hospitals and

From digital kiosks that track appointments to quick-response signages, our healthcare solutions upgrade hospital rooms to engaging spaces for patients.

Hotel, Café & Restaurant

Create a hassle-free experience for your customers with digital menu boards, navigation prompts, and other Smart Solutions.

Events/ Marketing/ MICE

Our 3-D holograms, Charging stations, and video brochures can take your events and experiences to the next level.

Office & Workspace

Make life easier for employees with a Smart Workspace. From quick charging Kiosks and Smart Furniture to leaderboards and tablets, we have it all.

Retail Outlet

We help create more engaging and interactive shopping experiences with products that can display real-time information about sales, promotions, and new products.

Who we've worked with

What Our Customer Say's

Gulshan kumar
Gulshan kumar
Very good
Nikita Dhama
Nikita Dhama
I received best Video Brochure from Enrg thank you for best service.
Tripti Jain
Tripti Jain
Great product quality!
Priyanka Nandi
Priyanka Nandi
Video Brochure is a amazing marketing tool to show case products at exhibitions. The major advantage of video brochures is the ability to display a video message without the need of an internet connection or application download. The video brochures are handy a speak for themselves, perfect as give away at exhibitions.
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar
Their product delivery and understandably level of customer need is very nice. As a customer i can say that Enrg product is very nice & strengthy, most important thing is they deliver all product on door at reasonable price. We have finally achieved harmony in the house thanks to this device.
manika aggarwal
manika aggarwal
innovative and customer oriented products, highly recommended
Priya Pant
Priya Pant
Nice service
Reena Sengupta
Reena Sengupta
For a client known for technical innovation, these video brochures proved a big hit at a recent international industry conference. Other exhibitors were even commenting on them. The ability to cascade a sophisticated video message without the need for augmented reality/app downloads gives this product its true USP. Screen resolution and clarity is excellent and they were delivered to a tight timescale. A great way to make an impact.
Ravi Pandey
Ravi Pandey
Exceeded expectations! Client thrilled with product... Great to work with and attention to detail and quality always front of mind. Thank you, hope to work with you again soon.

Our Process

Get an unmatched customer experience and digital signage solutions with ENRG’s client-focused approach. Be a part of our personalized 4-step process that includes project planning, sourcing, supply chain management, and thorough after-sales service.

1. Project Planning and Management

Our team collaborates with you to understand your objectives, requirements and time slabs. Staying true to the promise of professionalism, we stick to schedules and guarantee top-notch solutions

2. Sourcing and Procurement

ENRG top-rated suppliers that source world-class products and conduct routine quality inspections. Offering real-time updates, we execute procurement with utmost sincerity, ensuring each product is customized to your needs.

3. Supply Chain Management

From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products, streamline every step for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. ENRG always stay competitive in today’s market by maximizing productivity and minimizing disruptions.

4. After Sales

We offer premium customer service by ensuring seamless delivery and installation. Committed to offering complete satisfaction by following a strict TAT, we go above and beyond to match project expectations.

Ready for a Smart Workspace that delivers results?

Buzz @ENRG

ENRG: Smarter, Faster, Better Workspace Technology for the Modern Age

ENRG brings you cutting-edge workspace technology designed for the modern era, delivering smarter, faster, and better solutions. Experience seamless integration and enhanced efficiency to propel your workspace into the future.


Elevate your brand with our versatile commercial display solutions. From vibrant digital signage to interactive kiosks, captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression with our innovative display options.

Video Walls

Immersive and impactful, our video walls redefine visual experiences. Create stunning displays for advertising, events, or information dissemination with seamless integration and vibrant visuals.

Transparent Display

Revolutionize your presentations with our transparent display technology. Seamlessly blend digital content with real-world environments, captivating audiences and creating unforgettable visual experiences.

Windows Display

Elevate your storefront or indoor space with our dynamic windows display solutions. Showcase promotions, products, or brand messaging with eye-catching visuals that draw in customers and enhance your brand presence.

LED Digital Poster

Capture attention and make a statement with our LED digital poster solutions. Deliver vibrant, dynamic content in any environment, driving engagement and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Hanging Advertising Display

Elevate your marketing efforts with our hanging advertising display solutions. Suspended for maximum visibility, these dynamic displays grab attention and deliver your message effectively in high-traffic areas.


Make an impact with our dynamic digital signage displays. From captivating advertising to informative messaging, our solutions offer versatile options to engage and inform your audience effectively.

Digital Floor Standee

Elevate your promotional efforts with our digital floor standee solutions. Captivate passersby with dynamic content and interactive features, making a lasting impression and driving engagement in any environment.

K-shaped Floor Standee

Stand out from the crowd with our innovative K-shaped floor standee. Its unique design commands attention, making it the perfect choice for showcasing your brand or message in high-traffic areas.

Table Top Double Sided

Maximize visibility and impact with our table top double-sided display. Perfect for showcasing promotions or information in confined spaces, its versatile design ensures your message reaches your audience from all angles.

Ultra Slim Easel Stand

Elevate your presentations with our ultra-slim easel stand. Sleek and stylish, its minimalist design enhances your displayed content while providing stability and versatility for any environment.

Digital Dual Floor Standee

Make a bold statement with our digital dual floor standee. Featuring dual screens for maximum impact, this dynamic display solution is perfect for showcasing multiple messages or engaging content in high-traffic areas.


Empower students with our smart education solutions. From interactive learning tools to digital classrooms, our innovative technologies enhance engagement, collaboration, and knowledge retention for a truly enriching educational experience.

Interactive Flat Panel Display

Transform classrooms and boardrooms with our interactive flat panel display. Engage audiences with vibrant visuals, interactive features, and seamless connectivity, fostering collaboration and enhancing learning and presentations.

Digital Podium

Elevate your presentations with our digital podium. Combining sleek design with advanced technology, it offers seamless integration of multimedia content, enhancing engagement and delivering impactful speeches and lectures.

Smart Tablets

Empower your workforce or students with our smart tablets. Featuring intuitive interfaces and versatile functionality, they enable seamless collaboration, productivity, and learning on the go, transforming the way you work or study.


Capture attention and leave a lasting impression with our video brochures. Combining the power of print with dynamic video content, they engage audiences and convey your message in a memorable and impactful way.

Video Catalog

Revolutionize your marketing with our video catalog solution. Seamlessly integrate video content into your catalog, offering an interactive and engaging experience that showcases your products or services in a dynamic and compelling way.

Video Box (Packaging)

Enhance your product packaging with our video box solution. Incorporating video technology into traditional packaging, it offers a unique and memorable way to showcase your product features, promotions, or brand message, captivating customers and leaving a lasting impression.

Video Folder

Elevate your presentations with our video folder solution. Seamlessly integrate video content into your printed materials, offering an interactive and engaging experience that captures attention and delivers your message effectively.

Video Book

Transform traditional reading experiences with our video book solution. Seamlessly blending print with multimedia, it offers an interactive and engaging way to tell stories, share information, or showcase products, captivating readers and leaving a lasting impression.

Video Business Card

Make a lasting impression with our video business card solution. Combining traditional networking tools with dynamic video content, it offers a memorable way to introduce yourself, showcase your portfolio, or pitch your business, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients and partners.

Video Wedding Card

Capture the magic of your special day with our video wedding card. Combining traditional elegance with modern technology, it offers a unique and memorable way to share your love story, photos, and messages with friends and family, creating a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Video (POS)

Elevate your point-of-sale experience with our video POS solution. Seamlessly integrate dynamic video content into your retail environment, engaging customers and driving sales with compelling product demonstrations, promotions, and brand messaging.


Display your memories in style with our digital photo frame. Featuring vibrant displays and intuitive controls, it offers a modern way to showcase your favorite photos and videos, adding a touch of elegance to any space.


Transform your living space with our smart furniture solutions. From multifunctional pieces to integrated technology, our innovative designs enhance comfort, convenience, and style, creating a truly modern and connected home environment.

Height Adjustable Table

Experience versatility and comfort with our height adjustable table. Whether sitting or standing, it offers ergonomic support and customizable settings to suit your preferences, promoting better posture and productivity throughout your workday.

Smart Table

Elevate your space with our smart table. Featuring integrated technology and innovative design, it offers interactive capabilities, wireless connectivity, and customizable features for a modern and connected living experience.


Stay connected on the go with our mobile charging station. Featuring multiple ports and fast charging capabilities, it offers convenient power solutions for smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, ensuring you never run out of battery when you need it most.

Charging Table

Stay powered up while you work or relax with our charging table. Featuring built-in charging ports and sleek design, it offers convenient power solutions for your devices, keeping you connected and productive throughout the day.

Wall Mount Charging Locker

Keep your devices secure and charged with our wall mount charging locker. Featuring individual compartments and built-in charging ports, it offers a convenient and organized solution for public spaces, offices, or schools, ensuring your devices are always ready when you need them.

Desktop Charging Station

Stay powered up and organized with our desktop charging station. Featuring multiple ports and sleek design, it offers a convenient solution for charging your devices while keeping your workspace clutter-free and efficient.

Power Bank Station

Stay charged on the go with our power bank station. Featuring multiple charging ports and portable design, it offers convenient power solutions for smartphones, tablets, and other devices, ensuring you stay connected wherever you are.

Charging Kiosk

Stay connected and powered up with our charging kiosk. Featuring multiple charging ports and secure compartments, it offers convenient charging solutions for public spaces, events, or retail environments, ensuring your devices are always ready when you need them.


Experience the ultimate in entertainment with our smart TV. Featuring intuitive interfaces, seamless streaming, and immersive visuals, it offers endless entertainment options and connectivity for a truly modern viewing experience.

Smart Event Solutions

Elevate your events with our smart event solutions. From registration and engagement tools to data analytics and feedback systems, our innovative technologies streamline event management and enhance attendee experiences, ensuring every event is a success.

Smart Retail Solutions

Revolutionize your retail experience with our smart retail solutions. From inventory management and customer engagement tools to personalized shopping experiences and analytics, our innovative technologies enhance efficiency, drive sales, and delight customers, ensuring your retail business thrives in the digital age.

Smart Workspace Solutions

Optimize your workspace with our smart solutions. From collaborative tools and productivity software to ergonomic furniture and intelligent automation, our innovative technologies enhance efficiency, creativity, and comfort in the modern workplace, ensuring your team achieves its full potential.

Smart Hotel Solutions

Elevate guest experiences with our smart hotel solutions. From automated check-in systems and personalized services to energy-efficient facilities and seamless connectivity, our innovative technologies enhance comfort, convenience, and satisfaction for guests, ensuring unforgettable stays and repeat business.

Smart Education Solutions

Transform learning experiences with our smart education solutions. From interactive whiteboards and digital textbooks to online learning platforms and data analytics, our innovative technologies empower educators and students, fostering engagement, collaboration, and achievement in the modern classroom.

Smart Hospital Solutions

Enhance patient care with our smart hospital solutions. From electronic health records and telemedicine platforms to IoT-enabled medical devices and automated workflows, our innovative technologies streamline operations, improve efficiency, and optimize patient outcomes, ensuring a safer and more connected healthcare environment.