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We render design & build solutions for product- tech, to businesses, for Strategic Marketing and Brand Engagement.

About Us

Welcome to ENRG! We are a rapidly growing company with a prime focus on innovation, Design, Built Quality and User Experience of our products & services. Backed by our robust research and development skills, we help companies achieve their marketing and employee engagement goals.
We cater to a wide range of industries such as event companies, corporates, hospitality and many more. We are a trusted product and system integrators with a robust IT support, widespread presence, and a strong team.. Read more...

Our Services


At ENRG, Our innovative technology astonishes your delegates with a smooth and delightful time at the event and will leave your visitors satisfied with a positive feeling about your brand. Readmore

Charging Solutions

At ENRG, Our top-notch products help you reduce the attrition and retain employees. We offer integrated solutions with a wide range of functionality and capabilities to meet all your needs. Readmore


At ENRG, we provide you ideal solutions and technologies that will deliver the required functionality and the least possible costs to various industries based on the location, objectives and requirements. Readmore

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