ENRG is a one of its kind online platform, backed by the zeal and belief of its founder Nikul Raj Gupta; an electronics engineer with a vision to create a break-through in people’s life by offering innovative consumer products that enable stress-free and comfortable living by eliminating technology hassles and hick-ups.

ENRG has embedded seeds of innovation and creativity in its sole foundation. Remodelling unconventional technology into easy-to-use devices for mass consumers is a pivotal goal for ENRG. We are driven to create a robust accessibility platform to ensure that quality technology is made available to everyone in the simplest way, the one that touches the lifestyle of people significantly.

User experience serves as our deepest inspiration to design and craft Avant-garde products for you and our patrons. In our mission of delivering products that boast of vigorous quality and convincing performance, our team relentlessly engages to implement advanced design and manufacturing technology in products that are effortless to use and hence are coined as a tech marvel by consumers.

Since its inception, two years ago in 2014, ENRG has established a strong supply chain network and its products are achieving world-wide reach efficiently. ENRG’s focus has been to present user-centric and eco-friendly products that contribute towards reduced dependency on energy consumption and towards supporting sustainable development. We are aspiring to introduce and market ground-breaking consumer products from varied categories like sound, lighting, wearable, display and more. We are confident that in the near future, ENRG will conquer existing challenges and empower consumers to experiment with and endorse latest gadgets, products that minimise human effort & time thereby making life technologically adept and astounding.