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L Shape Desk Motorized

Price: Rs. 20,000 – 1,00,000/-


Lead time:
Quantity(sets) 1 – 30 31 – 100 > 100
Lead time (days) 20 30 To be negotiated
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      L Shape Desk Motorized


      Lead time:
      Quantity(sets) 1 – 30 31 – 100 > 100
      Lead time (days) 20 30 To be negotiated
      Customized logo:

      Customized packaging:


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          Product Parameters
          Adjustable (height), Convertible
          General Use
          Commercial Furniture
          Office Furniture
          Mail packing
          Home Office, Office Building, Workshop
          Design Style
          Metal Type
          Stainless steel
          Brand Name
          Specific Use
          Office Desks
          General Use
          Commercial Furniture
          Adjustable (height)
          Office Furniture
          Top Size
          Max Weight
          Leg Type
          3-stage square /rectangular column
          Height Range
          Frame Size

          At ENRG, we try our best to provide a wide range of top quality products to our customers. We also provide them an opportunity to customize these products to meet their requirement.
          • We offer 1 (One) years warranty from the date of supply and installation against all manufacturing defects (Any damage due to mishandling by the customer will not be covered under the warranty).
          • Easy Returns & Replacements.
          • Lifetime customer support.

          Certainly! Here are 20 frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to smart furniture:

          • What is smart furniture?

          Smart furniture refers to furniture that incorporates technology and connectivity to enhance functionality, comfort, and convenience for users.

          • How does smart furniture work?

          Smart furniture works by integrating sensors, actuators, and connectivity technologies to enable automation, remote control, and enhanced functionality through various smart features.

          • What are the benefits of smart furniture?

          The benefits of smart furniture include improved convenience, increased functionality, energy efficiency, customization options, and seamless integration with other smart devices.

          • Can existing furniture be converted into smart furniture?

          Yes, existing furniture can be converted into smart furniture by incorporating retrofit devices or adding smart accessories and components.

          • What are the typical features of smart furniture?

          Typical features of smart furniture include wireless charging, adjustable settings, built-in speakers, IoT connectivity, voice control, and app integration for remote control.

          • Is smart furniture compatible with other smart devices in my home?

          Yes, smart furniture is designed to be compatible with other smart devices in your home, allowing for seamless integration and control.

          • Can smart furniture be controlled remotely?

          Yes, smart furniture can be controlled remotely through smartphone apps, voice assistants, or home automation systems for convenience and flexibility.

          • What kind of connectivity options are available for smart furniture?

          Smart furniture can utilize various connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or proprietary protocols to establish connections with other devices or networks.

          • How do I set up and install smart furniture?

          Setting up and installing smart furniture typically involves following manufacturer instructions, connecting to power sources, configuring connectivity settings, and syncing with associated apps or devices.

          • What are the energy-saving features of smart furniture?

          Energy-saving features of smart furniture may include automatic power-off when not in use, occupancy sensors for lighting or temperature control, and energy usage monitoring capabilities.

          • Is smart furniture safe to use?

          Smart furniture is designed with safety in mind, incorporating features like motion sensors and secure data handling to ensure safe usage.

          • How do I maintain and clean smart furniture?

          Maintain and clean smart furniture by following the manufacturer’s guidelines, using appropriate cleaning methods, and keeping electronic components dry and protected.

          • What happens if the smart features of the furniture malfunction?

          If the smart features of the furniture malfunction, you can contact the manufacturer’s support for troubleshooting, repairs, or potential replacements.

          • Can I customize the settings and preferences of smart furniture?

          Yes, smart furniture often allows users to customize settings and preferences such as lighting, temperature, and other personalized features.

          • Can smart furniture help me track my usage patterns or health data?

          Yes, some smart furniture can track usage patterns and health data through sensors, providing insights into activity levels, posture, and more.

          • Are there any privacy concerns with smart furniture?

          Privacy concerns may arise with smart furniture due to data collection, so it’s important to review privacy policies and ensure secure handling of personal information.

          • Can I integrate smart furniture into a smart home automation system?

          Yes, smart furniture can often be integrated into a smart home automation system, allowing for centralized control and coordination with other smart devices.

          • Are there any limitations or compatibility issues with smart furniture?

          Limitations and compatibility issues may arise based on the specific brand or technology used, requiring careful consideration before purchasing or integrating smart furniture.

          • How long do the smart features of the furniture last?

          The longevity of smart features in furniture can vary depending on the quality, technology, and maintenance, but they are designed to last for several years.

          • What is the future of smart furniture?

          The future of smart furniture holds exciting possibilities, including advancements in AI integration, more seamless connectivity, and personalized user experiences.

          Return, Refund & Cancellation

          • When does are the returns permissible and under what conditions?
          All products should be opened and checked for any defect or damage. Any such issue should be notified on the delivery challan and AWB/consignment copy. Any claim of transit damage will not be considered if not notified at the time of delivery itself.
          • Can I return a product found to be defective upon use after some time?
          If the product is within the warranty period please get in touch with our Customer Care representative with the Order ID & Invoice No. and images of the defective product. We will make all endeavours’ to repair or replace the product as per the warranty terms specified on this website.
          • How and when will I receive the refund?
          We will process your refund within seven (7) business days of receiving the returned product in its original packaging. All refunds will be issued through the same transaction mode (e.g. Credit Card or Net Banking) used in the original purchase.
          • CUSTOM ORDERS
          Most of our product is customized as per your specifications. Custom orders begin production immediately upon order and are built to your specifications. They cannot be cancelled, changed, returned or refunded at any time.

          When it comes to mobile charging station, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind to ensure effective and impactful presentations. Here are some guidelines to consider:


          • Do prioritize usability: Ensure that the smart features of the furniture are intuitive and easy to use. User-friendly interfaces and controls will enhance the overall experience.
          • Do focus on connectivity: Ensure that the smart furniture can seamlessly connect to other smart devices or systems in your home. This will allow for integration and automation of different functionalities.
          • Do prioritize safety: Incorporate safety features such as motion sensors to prevent accidents or injuries. For example, smart tables could have sensors that detect when someone is too close to the edge and issue a warning.
          • Do consider energy efficiency: Incorporate energy-saving features such as automatic power-off when not in use or the ability to adjust lighting or temperature based on occupancy. This will help reduce energy consumption.
          • Do provide customization options: Allow users to personalize settings and preferences to suit their needs. Smart furniture should be adaptable to individual preferences, such as adjustable height, color schemes, or lighting options.
          • Do ensure compatibility and future-proofing: Consider using open standards or platforms that are compatible with a wide range of smart devices and technologies. This will ensure that the furniture remains functional and relevant as technology evolves.


          • Don’t sacrifice comfort for technology: While incorporating smart features, don’t compromise on the comfort and ergonomic design of the furniture. The primary function of furniture should still be to provide comfort and support.
          • Don’t overlook privacy and security: Ensure that any data collected by the smart furniture is handled securely and with respect for user privacy. Implement robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access or data breaches.
          • Don’t make it overly complex: Avoid adding unnecessary features that might confuse users or make the furniture overly complicated. Keep the interface and controls simple and straightforward.
          • Don’t forget about maintenance: Consider the maintenance requirements of the smart features. Ensure that firmware updates and software patches are easily available and that the furniture is designed for easy maintenance and repair.
          • Don’t rely solely on voice commands: While voice control can be convenient, it should not be the only method of interaction. Incorporate alternative input methods, such as touch controls or smartphone apps, to cater to different user preferences.
          • Don’t neglect user feedback: Continuously gather feedback from users and iterate on the design and functionality of the smart furniture. User input can provide valuable insights for improvement and future development.

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