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Video Brochure- An Innovative Marketing Tool

The success of your brand and your product depends upon how publicized the brand or the product is. For publicizing your brand, marketing is the key tool. For any product, business, or brand to succeed, marketing strategies play a major role. Therefore, a brand’s team must focus on marketing tactics and strategies. We at ENRG understand that video brochures are the best medium today to promote your content and business.

Why Video Brochures?


Video brochures are the latest marketing method to get your business heard. You can use video brochures for the following purposes:

1. Sales
2. Training
3. Fundraising
4. Hiring
5. Branding
6. Educating people about your business
7. Generating Leads
8. Marketing your business to potential customers

Video brochures are printed packaging. These printed packaging include a very thin LCD screen, speakers, rechargeable lithium batteries, PCBs, and a USB connection. It is the perfect tool for direct marketing, promotions, and advertising.

Our Video Brochure Products, we provide a great variety of products in the category of video brochures.

1. Video books:

Each page of the book tells a story. You can have your video book printed at a very affordable price.

2. Brochures:

Your standard brochures can now tell your story in a more interactive way. We convert your standard brochures into video brochures.

3. Video boxes:

Convert your packaging into smart 2D pro boxes.

4. Video folders:

Tired of boring files and heavy folders? Convert the typical folders and pocket flyers into video folders.

5. Video POS units:

Change the style of your counters, shelves, and selling points. Convert them into interactive video display units and attract more customers.

With video brochures, we are taking you a step ahead in the future. At ENRG, we love helping people in need of marketing solutions and that is why we provide video brochures to our clients who wish to take the marketing of their brand to a new level. We firmly believe that a brand’s primary focus must be its marketing strategies as it is the driving force of all the revenue and popularity.

Our clients provide us with all the marketing material and we convert all their printed marketing material into video marketing tools. Our video marketing products include; video brochures, video packs, video folders, the point of sale units, and much more. We promise to provide the best video marketing solutions for our clients because marketing is our expertise.


At ENRG, this is what we do best and our clients can trust us with their marketing campaigns as we are the best marketing partners and provide the best quality services. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we deliver what we promise. One can trust us with their marketing as we work on each and every product like our own and never let our client’s down.

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