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5,000+ Custom-made Products & Designs | Free Delivery & Installation Across India | Up to 3 Years Product Warranty | 12,000+ Happy Customers | 600+ Projects Delivered | Product Lifetime Support

project name: IDP

Product: 7 inch video invites

Case Study: IDP Education – Global University Promotion with 7-Inch Video Invites

Company Profile: IDP Education is a renowned international education consultant, specializing in assisting students and institutions in their pursuit of global education opportunities. With a presence in over 30 countries, IDP Education has become a trusted partner for students and universities worldwide.
Challenge: IDP Education faced the challenge of effectively promoting its services and facilitating interactions with universities across the globe. The goal was to create a memorable and engaging way to introduce their comprehensive range of educational consulting solutions to universities worldwide.
Solution: Recognizing the need for a creative and impactful promotional strategy, IDP Education decided to employ 7-inch video invites as a unique tool to introduce their services to universities. This innovative approach allowed them to convey their expertise, dedication, and the value they bring to the education sector effectively.
  • Company Name: IDP Education
  • Requirement: 7-inch video invites
  • Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Application: Promotion of IDP Education’s services to universities worldwide.
  1. Content Creation (Days 1-2): IDP Education collaborated with a marketing agency specializing in the education sector to create engaging video content. The video highlighted the range of services offered, success stories of students they had assisted, and the global network of universities they worked with.
  2. Video Production (Days 3-4): A professional video production team was engaged to ensure high-quality visuals and sound. The video featured testimonials from satisfied students and university representatives, showcasing the positive impact of IDP Education’s services.
  3. Printing and Assembly (Days 5-6): The video content was seamlessly integrated into 7-inch screens within the invites. Each invite was designed with the IDP Education logo, contact information, and a call to action for universities to explore the possibilities of partnership.
  4. Distribution (Day 7): IDP Education’s international team personally delivered the video invites to key university representatives, admissions offices, and academic departments worldwide. Each invite was presented as an engaging introduction to IDP Education’s services and their potential benefits.
IDP Education’s use of 7-inch video invites as part of their global university promotion strategy yielded significant advantages:
  1. Engaging Introduction: The video invites provided an engaging and immersive introduction to IDP Education’s services, leaving a lasting impression on university representatives.
  2. Comprehensive Information: Universities gained a deeper understanding of the scope and impact of IDP Education’s services, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding partnerships.
  3. Memorable Branding: The creative approach to promotion enhanced IDP Education’s brand recognition and positioning as a leading education consultant.
  4. Increased Interest: Universities expressed interest in collaborating with IDP Education, leading to potential partnerships, student recruitment agreements, and academic collaborations.
  5. Global Reach: Within just 7 days, IDP Education successfully reached and engaged with key stakeholders across universities worldwide, optimizing their efforts in the international education market.
IDP Education’s strategic use of 7-inch video invites effectively addressed the challenge of promoting their services to universities worldwide. By providing an immersive and informative experience, they not only introduced their brand but also fostered potential collaborations and partnerships. This case study demonstrates the power of creative marketing methods in the field of international education and consultancy, emphasizing the value of innovative approaches to global outreach.