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5,000+ Custom-made Products & Designs | Free Delivery & Installation Across India | Up to 3 Years Product Warranty | 12,000+ Happy Customers | 600+ Projects Delivered | Product Lifetime Support

Project name: Honda

Case Study: Honda Two-wheelers – Expressing Gratitude with 10-Inch Video Brochures

Company Profile:

 Honda Two-wheelers is a leading manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters, known for its innovative technology, quality, and commitment to sustainable transportation. With a strong presence in India, Honda has a wide network of distributors and dealers across the country.


Honda Two-wheelers sought to express gratitude and strengthen their relationship with their extensive network of distributors across India. They wanted to find a unique and memorable way to convey their appreciation for the distributors’ dedication and contributions to the brand’s success.


To meet this challenge, Honda Two-wheelers decided to utilize 10-inch video brochures as a heartfelt thank-you note to all their distributors. This innovative approach allowed them to convey their gratitude in a personalized and engaging manner.


Company Name: Honda Two-wheelers

Requirement: 10-inch video brochures

Quantity: 70 pieces

Duration: 10 days


Expressing gratitude to Honda Two-wheelers’ distributors across India.


Content Creation (Days 1-2): Honda Two-wheelers collaborated with a creative agency to create a heartfelt video message. The video included messages from the company’s leadership, footage of memorable moments in the distributorship journey, and personal stories from some of the distributors.

Video Production (Days 3-4): A professional video production team was engaged to ensure high-quality visuals and sound. The video was designed to evoke emotions and showcase the genuine appreciation of the company for its distributors.

Printing and Assembly (Days 5-6): The video content was seamlessly integrated into 10-inch screens within the brochures. Each brochure was designed with the Honda Two-wheelers logo, contact information, and a heartfelt message of gratitude.

Distribution (Days 7-10): Honda Two-wheelers’ regional teams and sales representatives personally delivered the video brochures to each distributor’s location across India. The brochures were presented as a token of appreciation and a heartfelt thank-you note.


Honda Two-wheelers’ use of 10-inch video brochures to express gratitude to their distributors yielded significant benefits:

Emotional Connection: The personalized video message evoked strong emotions and created a deep sense of connection and loyalty among the distributors.

Memorable Gesture: Distributors appreciated the thoughtful and innovative approach, which left a lasting impression and reinforced their commitment to the brand.

Strengthened Relationships: The thank-you note strengthened the relationships between Honda Two-wheelers and their distributors, fostering a sense of partnership and mutual respect.

Brand Loyalty: Distributors expressed increased loyalty to Honda Two-wheelers, leading to enhanced collaboration and an even stronger distribution network.

Timely Delivery: Within just 10 days, Honda Two-wheelers successfully reached and expressed gratitude to all their distributors across India, demonstrating their commitment to the partnership.


Honda Two-wheelers’ strategic use of 10-inch video brochures effectively addressed the challenge of expressing gratitude to their extensive distributor network. By providing a personalized and emotional thank-you note, they not only reinforced their brand’s values but also strengthened their relationships with their partners. This case study highlights the power of creative marketing methods in fostering loyalty and partnerships within the business ecosystem, emphasizing the value of innovative approaches to expressing gratitude.