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Event engagement is one of the top parameters used to evaluate the success of the event. Engaged attendees will talk about your event with their peers, sponsors, and are more likely to become a loyal patron. However, with so much happening before and at the event, it is difficult to leave a lasting impression that will extend the life of the event even beyond the event.

What We Do

  • We at ENRG help brands achieve higher engagement with our innovative and advanced products.
  • Using our RFID wristband, you can ascertain faster and efficient entry resulting in shorter waiting time for the visitors. The same wristband can be topped with credit to make payments by a simple tap at the point of sale. Making payments with the wristbands leads to a hassle-free experience for the visitors.

We assure that your visitors have sufficient opportunities for taking pictures at photo-booths, automatic social media check-ins with the wristband, and sharing on the social media live from the event. This results in more organic likes and shares resulting in higher number of impressions. Nothing will ascertain the success of your event like the online virality of an offline event.

Selection of items will be kept in multiple boxes and a number along with hash tag would be given to each of these boxes.The user simply has to tweet the hash tag with the desired order number and an electronic queuing system would be set up to notify the visitors about their orders; so that when an order is arrived the visitor can receive it.
An array of registration laptops are setup at the social registration counter of the venue of an event for registration.Every person is given an RFID band and he connects his social media accounts to his RFID band.
Roving Photography service is to capture precious memories of an event by roaming around the event premises to take photos of their guests having fun.We take picture from our camera enabled device and enter the RFID tag number on the device which results in a photo post on the social media wall of the user along with the brand customized frame around it.
Oculus and Virtual Reality is a device worn by people to view the 3D environment on the device instead of screen.Experience of viewing gets entirely immersive while using the device as the user feels as a part of the real environment.
On your event take your guests on a different level with trending and amazing 360 Degree Selfie Booth.It is a step above normal selfie booth as it takes the selfie from every angle.
Bee-r Goggles is a virtual reality headset created and designed for beer enthusiasts to get mesmerized in their favourite beverages like never before.Virtual reality experience that changes hoe you taste beer.
Festigram is an interactive photo-booth-on-steroids, wrapped up as a man-size phone mock-up.At ENRG we offer a solid interactive concept and experiential design to align the activation with the main theme and festival experience.Visitors can manually select custom photo filters on the rotating wheel and select wooden props on photos to make each photo unique.
Interactive Floor is the next generation gesture tracking platform with endless possibilities. As the guests enter the venue they pass through our interactive floor. The carpet gets unfolded as the guest walks in.The graphics on the floor can be customized in such way that the user gets the grand entrance feel altogether.
Digital graffiti walls not only bring people together, but also create a good atmosphere for large-scale events.Whenever someone does creativity on the wall, the crowd quickly forms and observes how the final result will come together.In your event you can also choose a skilled graffiti artist and turn activation into an interactive performance.

Why We Are Different

We understand the importance of engaging your visitors at every step during their journey at the event. Our innovative technology astonishes your delegates, right from the point of entry. A smooth and delightful time at the event will leave your visitors satisfied and with a positive feeling about your brand.
As an organiser, you will get huge volumes of data both during and after the event for efficient decision making. This will help you to take more informed decisions resulting in tremendous opportunities for post-event marketing. Get in touch with our team to know more technique of improving your event engagement.