Delivery & Shipping


We believe that customer satisfaction must be the priority of every business. Therefore, ENRG, does not make any fake promises and delivers the product right on time. For safe delivery and to make sure that the product reaches the customer without being damaged, we opt for the best shipping methods. The shipping methods that we use include; FedEx and UPS. These are the most well-known and most trusted shipping services.

International Delivery:

WE deliver locally as well as internationally. However, the time of delivery and shipping methods may vary according to the place from where the order needs to be delivered. And UPS ground and 3-day shipping options are not available for internationally placed orders.

Urgent Delivery:

Not only do we deliver the products on time but we also deal with urgent orders. If you wish to get your product before the delivery time that is mentioned when you place your order you can do following steps:

  • You can select the option of that says quick delivery and mention how quick you want it to be delivered.
  • This is the case of rush shipping and fortunately, we do provide this service. So, if you need something delivered urgently, ENRG has it handled.

Normally, the product delivery is on the promised date but once in a blue moon, due to some mishaps and unidentified hurdles the delivery may be delayed. In such case, ENRG will not be responsible if the delay was due to the shipping service provider. But ENRG will make sure that the product reaches the customer undamaged and that the customer is completely satisfied with the product and ENRG’s service.

If you have any queries related to delivery and shipping, you may contact us. ENRG is happy to answer all the queries so feel free to ask as ENRG wants its customers to order only when they are completely satisfied with our services.

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