Types of Power Banks

A Power Bank has become a necessity for all smartphone owners. It is a rechargeable battery unit that can be used to charge a separate battery unit belonging to a phone or any other smart devices.

Why You Need Power Bank?

  1. It is a portable charging circuitry that can be used as an emergency power source to charge phones, laptops, and tablets etc.
  2. It can be used without any direct access to power sockets.
  3. The Power Bank is charged by connecting it to a power source supplying current.
  4. Once charged, it can be removed from the power source and any chargeable device can be connected to it and it can serve as a portable charger.

Types of Power Banks

The Power Bank supports all chargeable devices that connect to a charger/data cable using 2 end USB port. Laptop supported charging Power Banks are charged using adapters. Three distinguishable forms of Power Banks are

1.  USB Power Banks:

These are for charging small portable devices like smartphones, tablets etc.

2.  Laptop Power Banks:

These are for charging Laptops. But the adapter cable type for Laptop Power Banks may vary depending on the type of laptop.

3.  Solar power banks:

There are also Solar Power chargeable power banks that are using solar energy. These Solar power banks have Solar Panel installed inside and are available in both USB and Laptop power bank versions.

What Should You Look For In Your Power bank?

Like a typical phone or laptop battery, the Power Bank is composed of single or multiple lithium-ion cells and also functions as a typical rechargeable battery. Different Power Banks have different charging capabilities and their charge and discharge time may vary as well.

  1. The parameters mAh is used to represent the capability of the Power Bank and it shows the charge duration delivered by it.
    • Laptops require higher mAh Power Banks as the battery requirement is higher.
    • Smartphones and other devices require less mAh Power Banks depending on their requirements.
    • Thus, to determine which mAh to look for it is necessary to know the charging need of the device. And the time it needs to be charged is also dependent its capacity.
    • With higher mAh Power Banks the charging takes more time to store the electric energy and provides greater output energy as well.
  2. All Power Banks are equipped with indicator LED lights that determine whether it is charging or fully charged. But some Power Banks require a few more time of charging even if the light indicates it’s full.

At ENRG, we provide all types of Power Banks to charge devices like:

  1. Laptops
  2. Phones
  3. Cameras
  4. Portable speakers
  5. MP3 players
  6. GPS systems etc.

Our amazing Universal Power Banks is available as per the requirement of your device. We also provide Phone Power Banks that made specifically for phones and smaller batteries with less mAh. Our Power Banks are good quality devices created to provide you with ease as you travel. We provide you with a portable solution to your battery requirements so that you never lose your time with your device. The Power Banks are easy to charge and provide support for maximum devices with mAh present as per need.

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