Video Brochure- An Innovative Marketing Tool

The success of your brand and your product depends upon how publicized the brand or the product is. For publicizing your brand, marketing is the key tool. For any product, business, or brand to succeed, marketing strategies play a major role. Therefore, a brand’s team must focus on marketing tactics and strategies. We at ENRG understand that videos are the best medium today to promote your content and business.

Why Video Brochures?

Video brochures are the latest marketing method to get your business heard. You can use video brochures for the following purposes:

1. Sales
2. Training
3. Fundraising
4. Hiring
5. Branding
6. Educating people about your business
7. Generating Leads
8. Marketing your business to potential customers

Video brochures are printed packaging. These printed packagings include a very thin LCD screen, speakers, rechargeable lithium batteries, PCBs, and a USB connection. It is the perfect tool for direct marketing, promotions, and advertising.

Our Video Brochure Products, we provide a great variety of products in the category of video brochures.

1. Video books:
Each page of the book tells a story. You can have your video book printed at a very affordable price.
2. Brochures:
Your standard brochures can now tell your story in a more interactive way. We convert your standard brochures into video brochures.
3. Video boxes:
Convert your packaging into smart 2D pro boxes.
4. Video folders:
Tired of boring files and heavy folders? Convert the typical folders and pocket flyers into video folders.
5. Video POS units:
Change the style of your counters, shelves, and selling points. Convert them into interactive video display units and attract more customers.

With video brochures, we are taking you a step ahead in the future. At ENRG, we love helping people in need of marketing solutions and that is why we provide video brochures to our clients who wish to take the marketing of their brand to a new level. We firmly believe that a brand’s primary focus must be its marketing strategies as it is the driving force of all the revenue and popularity.
Our clients provide us with all the marketing material and we convert all their printed marketing material into video marketing tools. Our video marketing products include; video brochures, video packs, video folders, the point of sale units, and much more. We promise to provide the best video marketing solutions for our clients because marketing is our expertise.


At ENRG, this is what we do best and our clients can trust us with their marketing campaigns as we are the best marketing partners and provide the best quality services. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we deliver what we promise. One can trust us with their marketing as we work on each and every product like our own and never let our client’s down.

Mobile Charging Station & Its Significance

Hate it when your phone turns off at every important moment? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! We make your events and happenings memorable. Do not miss out on capturing the memorable moments from an event just because of battery draining. Our mobile charging stations can bring your phone back to life and colors.

Customer focus on you

With branded mobile charging station your customer can stay connected with your brand identity for about 15 minutes. Who doesn’t want to ensure their phone is charged? This is why your branded mobile charging station becomes the center of attention at any event.

Why Mobile Charging Station?

If you are planning an event, you must make sure that the people do not get disappointed for even the silliest of the reason! Another thing added to your list to please your guests is the mobile charging station!

1.   Be a superhero!

We know you hate to see the disappointment on the face of your attendees. Having a mobile charging station can bring a smile on their faces and colors on their phones.

2.   An event they will remember

Mobile charging stations have several charging ports on a single station and people can charge their phones there. This way your event will become super popular and people will ignore all other glitches of an event.

3.   Satisfaction

The availability of charging stations contributes greatly to the success of an event and it is something people really appreciate.

4.   More social media visibility

When everyone has the opportunity to charge their phone, they don’t mind draining some fraction of battery on sharing your event on social media. This way your event presence on social media is doubled!

Here at ENRG, you will find the top-quality mobile charging stations that you can place in your event to make it a grand event. Our charging stations are cent percent reliable and provide a fast charging facility to users. These mobile charging stations are not only for events but they can be used in educational institutions, hospitals, shopping centers, and many other locations.

Which interactive display solutions do your customers prefer?

Interactive Display Solutions are gaining popularity with each passing day. We don’t even realize how these solutions affect our decision to buy. In order for a brand or a product to succeed and become profitable, it must reach out to the world in a manner that is relatable and understandable by the consumers. Following things make a product successful:
  1. A consumer must be able to connect with the product.
  2. This relation of a consumer with the brand or the product is called brand engagement.
  3. Brand engagement is the most important objective of the marketing of a brand.

Why Do You Need An Interactive Display Solution?

There are numerous ways in which a relationship can be built between the brand and the consumer. Some of these ways include;
  1. TV advertisements
  2. Promotional drives and campaigns
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Video marketing and many more. We see a lot of displayed advertisements; this is a very widely used method to achieve brand engagement.

Purpose of Interactive Display Solutions – Check What Purpose Your  Customer Has?

Interactive displays contribute greatly to the marketing of a brand that is why it is the most common means of marketing all around the world. Some examples of interactive displays include;
  • Digital signage
  • Video walls
  • Way finder
  • Smart Displays
  • Outdoor displays.
Not only are these used for brand marketing purposes but are also very commonly used to gather information or display information such as menus or services offered in a spa. Interactive displays attract people more than any other technology as it gives a chance to people to interact. Interactive displays are being used all over the world serving different purposes.

What Do We Offer?

We offer the best interactive display solutions to our customers.
  1. We provide interactive display services not only for advertising but also for customer services.
  2. We are experts in this field and we want our customers to expect nothing but the very best quality work from us.
  3. We are experts in designing attractive digital menus and displays.
  4. We know exactly what a crowd puller is and also know how great it can affect the mindset of a person.
  5. Our work is highly reliable. We work with a talented team and provide top-class work to our clients.
  6. Either you need an interactive display for brand marketing, or for a bank, or a hospital, we are the best service providers. Our team works tirelessly to provide our clients what they desire.
  7. For us, the satisfaction of our clients is our foremost priority. We discuss the needs and requirements of our customers and try to provide work that is exactly what the customer asks for.
  8. We do not take a step without the consent of our clients. Nothing we do is unapproved by our clients, we take them into confidence before implementing any of our services.
You’re free to contact us for any queries you have and deal with us only when you are satisfied with us and our services.

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Best Quality Office Utilities at the Most Affordable Price

Whether you work at a large corporation or are employed in a mid-sized enterprise, whether you are self-employed. You always would want to increase your productivity and work as efficiently as possible and even though you are enormously capable. But, in order to upsurge your efficiency and productivity, you will have to bank on the exploitation of resources and utility. This is where office utilities come in, utilities can be defined as the use or satisfaction one can derive out.

We Know You Need Best Quality Office Utilities At The Most Reasonable Prices

Office utilities can help you provide better, much more efficient, and less time-consuming alternatives for performing a wide range of tasks that, in turn, increases your overall productivity. It provides you with a chance of accomplishing more in less time. Moreover, they provide you with a better way of organizing your work and managing your work. So, in short, for all those determined professionals out there, eyeing for success, they need office utilities. Whether they are provided by the office itself or whether you get them personally for your own office.

Office utilities, although they depend on what sort of you do, may involve but are not limited to Desk lamps, Stationery, Stationery holders, Digital clock reminders, Desktop organizers, Laptop accessories, etc.

Any other portable products that you may utilize on your job around the office can be counted as an office utility. Office utilities provide assistance to professionals in a number of ways such as workplace management and efficient utilization of time. It is important to recognize their importance in the day to day office work.


ENRG Corporate Gifts can serve as your one-stop-shop for the complete package of products when it comes to office utilities. You will find the complete range of office utilities at ENRG Corporate Gifts in a lot of different varieties for you to choose from and in the most justifiable and reasonable range of prices. So, as a hardworking employee who would like to own productivity-enhancing office utilities, whatever it is that you are looking for, bit resourceful products and devices, laptop accessories or any other sort of office utility ENRG Corporate Gifts is here to cater to all your fundamental office-based utility needs. Moreover, we also supply standard customized office utilities for large corporations to distribute among different branches and offices.

So, you can go ahead and order anything available in the office utility section here at ENRG Corporate Gifts, and we can guarantee you that every last one of these office utility devices and products offered here, will come in handy at work in a variety of ways and will serve as a worthy addition to your cubicle, office, or home office desk.