return and cancellation

Return & Cancellation


Customer satisfaction is the foremost priority of ENRG. In all our deals, we make sure that our customer is cent percent satisfied because we believe that a happy customer is what leads a business to success. Here at ENRG, we have return and refund policy. If a situation arises in which a customer is not satisfied with the product and is second-guessing the choice, we can help. We do have a return, exchange and refund policy. Like all companies, ENRG has its own terms and conditions of the policy.

Return Policy:

We understand if the customer is second-guessing their purchase and wish to return the product. Therefore, we have a 30-day return policy. If within the first 30 days of purchase, you become sure that you are not satisfied with the product and wish to return it, you can inform us and ship the product back to us. However, there are some terms and conditions that must be known by you before you purchase an item.

  • The return shipping cost is not the responsibility of ENRG. The customer returning the product must bear the shipping cost.
  • The returned products must be shipped in the original box in which it was sent.
  • The returned product must contain all the packing material, manuals and the accessories of the product being returned.
  • The product that is to be returned must be in good working condition. Products damaged, mishandled will not be entertained.
  • ENRG will not be responsible if the product gets damaged or lost during shipping.
  • If the product is damaged, the customer is subjected to pay the extra repair costs.

Refund policy:

ENRG does have a refund policy. There are certain terms and conditions that must be known by the customers prior to the purchase.

  • There is 20% restocking fee imposed on all returns.
  • The first unit purchased has a full money back guarantee but the latter will have a 20% restocking fee imposed on them.
  • If the returned items have been damaged during use or shipping, the customer has to pay extra repairing costs.

Exchange Policy:

If the product which the customer wants to exchange is opened or used, it will be replaced only by a similar product with similar specifications.

These are the terms and conditions of the return, refund and exchange policy of ENRG. Make sure you carefully pack the product that wishes to return or exchange as the refund depends upon the condition of the product. If you have any queries regarding the return, refund and exchange policies please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to respond to your queries.