Smart Life Style Bands

Smart Life Style Bands

If you are a tech-savvy person who loves adopting new trends and also loves to keep yourself healthy smart lifestyle bands are for you. As a fitness fanatic, we know you love keep a check on your health activities. There are several apps available out there for your phone but it is not feasible to carry smartphones everywhere, thus to have the functionalities of cellphones without having to carry them along with other devices with certain capabilities of smartphones are present as per requirement. There come lifestyle bands in action.

Why Do We Need A Smart Lifestyle Band?

  • Smart LifeStyle Bands are one of the biggest innovations in those technologies that provide capabilities of a smartphone and can also be worn.
  • These Bands can be worn at all times at home, during aworkout, on vacations and even at theworkplace.
  • They are easy to wear and provide us all functionalities that we may require according to the activity we’re performing.
  • These Bands have entered the life everyone, male or female, everyone can use it.
  • They are customized for men and women and also provide functionality to its users as per requirement that makes them more attractive.
  • These functionalities involve letting them keep track of the health-related and other information. And as it doesn’t replace the need the smartphones but assists its abilities to provide better performance.
  • These bands can connect to smartphones, healthcare equipment, and even cars.

What Can A Smart Lifestyle Band Do?

Measure your fitness activities:

These Smart LifeStyle Bands have built-in sensors of high accuracy that to keep track of parameters that play the role in a user’s health.

Track your heart rate:

These sensors have the capability to track a person heart rate during stable state and during aworkout.

Sync it with your phone:

And this data is then synchronized with the phone to manage and plan out the workout routines.

Don’t mind taking it in water:

Such Bands are made water resistance to adhere to the workout routine and have a good battery life.

Measure how much you ate:

Some bands can also identify activity with the time of day and measure the amount calories burnt per day.

Schedule your activities:

 The data is synced with phones using wireless mediums such as Bluetooth. Certain Bands also have GPS capability built into the device and advanced software support for tracking multiple sporting activities and scheduling routines accordingly.

Stay Fit:

The users can also set fitness and diet goals and track their progress and intake at all times.

A new milestone every day: 

To keep users motivated with their fitness, a reward system with badges is there with each goal set by the user.

What ENRG Offers?

Apart from being stylish and your best fitness partner, Smart LifeStyle Bands can give access to your smartphone’s functionalities when it’s not present with you. Smart Notifications can be generated to play music from your songs playlist as well view texts from your phones. We have a whole collection of various types Smart LifeStyle Bands catered to your needs.At ENRG, we provideadvanced Fitness Bands for thefitness enthusiast and Sports Bands for Multisport activities. Our Bands are equipped with high precision sensor technology to accurately monitor vital signs and provide accurate and timely fitness measures and guidance to reach your fitness goals.


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