IOT & APP Development

IOT & APP Development

What Is IOT?

IOT stands for Internet of things. In this era of technological advancements, the world has become a global village.

  • Easy communication
    Communication has become a necessity for every work and business and the world is moving further towards fast and efficient communication mediums.
  • Going a step ahead
    In this world, IOT has provided a medium for devices to function while communication with each other.
  • Network of connected devices
    It forms a network of connected devices passing information and action throughout each node of the network.
  • Use of internet
    The network on which these devices communicate with each other is the internet. The devices are specifically made keeping in mind the comfort of humans.

What we offer you?

Get your IOT application made from our experts at ENRG and step ahead in future with us.

  • Real-time devices
    These devices can be any real time or sensor based devices which perform their functionalities with either receiving commands through the network or uploading their information on a cloud.
  • Wireless connectors
    They have built in wireless connectors that can connect to your WiFito transfer data with ease.
  • Health IOT
    These devices are being used in the health industries with smart health monitors, in smart weather forecast with nodes deployed at multiple locations, and many uncountable areas.
  • Hybrid nature
    These technologies have bridged the gap between purely hardware based operational devices and software based informational technology and merged it in one tech.

We provide high-end tech IOT solutions through our experts in the field. We have a range of IOT products that is catered to your needs and will make your life simple and easy. Our IOT experts deal with all kinds of problems and provide solutions according to their experience, they have technical experience in the field and are equipped to deal with anything.

What Is App Development And What Should You Look For While Getting One Developed?

With the increase in use of mobile technology, the software that provided accessibility to the task performed by these devices. Apps are developed for handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, PDAs etc. These apps are made to be compatible with the operating system and other software that are already present on the system. There are various factors that must be considered during app development i.e.

  • Screen size
  • Processor requirements
  • Memory requirements
  • Hardware and platform support.

App development has become a demanding job with the increasing user requirements for better functionalities that are upgraded with each upgrade in the hardware as well as better performance and utilization of processor and memory.

Our team works on the IOT applications in the best flow. We focus on each and every part carefully and create an app that truly caters your needs.

Graphical user interface

Perhaps the most important feature of the app for a user is its GUI i.e. Graphical User Interface through which the user interacts with the application’s functionalities. Our team makes it simple, attractive and easy to use and should be easy to learn for the user with hints and help present to guide them. Our team is professional and experienced in UI and has hands-on experience on working on robust UI’s.


Then comes the functionality of the app, which should be as per requirement and easy to access. The performance is the main concern for developers but a secondary one for users, though it is still a source of concern. The performance of the app should be high with proper utilization of resources such as processor and memory, providing fast and accurate results without crashing. The app links to the device’s other resources such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera should also be a concern during development of the app.

At ENRG, our app developers are experienced with working on many applications that have been deployed to smart handheld devices as per requirements. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge of competent software skills along with the key features required for competent app development. We provide the best service to our customers, taking care that their requirements are met.


  • Health Tracker
  • Home Automation
  • Smart Light
  • Video Doorbell