Event Solution

Event Solution

ENRG is focused at providing its customers an array of astounding designs, quality products and user experience. We are trusted framework integrators including a solid innovative work, an extensive variety of inventive items, productive inventory network administration and strong IT Support.

We Assure You Quality

ENRG ensures the quality of the products and the services provided our experienced professionals. With strict TAT, numerous Quality checks and an amazing after-sales service, ENRG guarantees a long-term association with its every client. We never settle or trade-off and are motivated to perform at the speed, exactness and the general quality of our customers’ requirements.

  • The relationship between ENRG and a client is indeed a partnership to us.
  • ENRG believe that to find the correct solutions for the client’s events is to work as a team. This approach is used for both, the clients and the colleagues.
  • ENRG not only promises success, but link its success with that of the client. We believe that our success and reputation depend on the success of the clients.
  • ENRG is focused on staying in front of the market and keep on investing vigorously in revealing the most impactful and financially savvy endowments and in addition, forefront items and quality control forms.
  • Our professional team has an extraordinary comprehension of the business sectors that they serve and what it takes to benefit people and make their lives simpler.

We are here to provide you 360 degree services such asdigital marketing, event solutions, product and corporate services. The event solution service offers many different things for the people, which can make their events possible and more attracting, such as,

  • All in one smart pc
  • Visiting card video brochure
  • Interactive kiosk
  • Display kiosk
  • Touch screen table
  • Smart mirror
  • Bottles
  • Sippers and mugs
  • Mobile accessories
  • Memento video brochure
  • Pen drives
  • Power banks
  • Sticky notes organizer
  • Table power bank with liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • Portable charging station
  • Gift box video brochure
  • Calendar video brochure
  • Video brochure
  • 360 degree selfie booths,
  • Cashless payment,
  • Digital graffiti wall
  • Tweet café
  • RFID social registration
  • Charging dock
  • Charging station
  • Charging tables
  • Wedding card video brochures.

All of the equipments are available for the events, to make them complete and successful. The touchscreen tables are available for interactive, easy and accomplished office meetings.

If the events are outdoors, considerably, with no charging ports for the devices, there are certain types of charging booths available at the store and many more products like these to help people improve their events and turn them into more interactive one.From aformal business meeting to the informal wedding celebrations, everything that is available at ENRG is fulfilling the needs and the requirements of the customers. The products, available, are stamped at high-quality products, which will surely last long.

  • Visiting Card Video Brochure
  • All in One Smart PC
  • Display Kiosk
  • Interactive Kiosk
  • Smart Mirror
  • Touch Screen Table
  • Bottles, Sippers & Mugs
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Momento Video Brochure
  • Pen Drives
  • Power Bank
  • Sticky Note Organiser
  • Table Power Bank With LCD
  • Portable Charging Station
  • Gift Box Video Brochure
  • Video Brochure
  • Calendar Video Brochure
  • 360 Degree Selfie Booth
  • Cashless Payment
  • Digital Graffiti Wall
  • Tweet Cafe
  • RFID Social Registration
  • Charging Dock
  • Charging Station
  • Charging Tables
  • Wedding Card Video Brochure