Product Warranty

Product Warranty


ENRG deals with the top-quality products and makes sure that all items shipped to the customers our defect free and not malfunctioning. There is a fixed period for a product, if the product is damaged or starts malfunction, the company will be responsible and repair the product and bear all the expenses. However, if the product begins malfunctioning or is damaged after the fixed time period, then unfortunately, the company is not responsible and is not subjected to any claims. In this case, the client has to pay the amount required for repairing.

Terms and Conditions:

There is a product warranty policy followed by every company, ENRG like other companies has their own policy.

Claim of warranty:

The warranty is not claimable in certain cases, the buyer must be well-aware of the ways in which the product warranty may become void.


The first thing which may result in the warranty being void is reselling the product bought to a third party. The third party is not in position to claim the warranty.

Repair and Alteration:

The second thing which may make the product warranty void is repairing and altering the product without the written consent of ENRG. If, the product malfunctions, ENRG must be informed and no external repairing resources must be opted for as it will make the warranty unclaimable.

Instructions not followed:

There are a set of instructions to use a product. These instructions are set to ensure that the product functions properly and remains in working condition throughout its lifetime. If the instructions have not been followed and due to this the product is damaged, in such case ENRG is not responsible and the product warranty is not claimable.

Warranty Claimable:

If, none of the above cases have happened and your warranty is claimable, the customer must follow the following instructions;

Formal Email:

ENRG must be informed about the malfunctioning, failure or damage to the product in a formal email.

Receipt Attached:

Make sure that the original receipt of purchase is attached in the email to confirm the date of purchase and to know whether the warranty is claimable or not.

Notification Period:

Make sure to inform ENRG about the damage within 30 days after discovery and before the end of warranty claiming time-period. This will give us and the customer ample amount of time for repairing the product.

These are the terms and conditions of the product warranty policy of ENRG. Follow the above-mentioned instructions to claim the warranty. If you have any queries regarding the product warranty policy, feel free to contact us and we are happy to answers all the queries of our customers.